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  All of our services are custom packages.  We invoice our clients depending on the scope and scale of the project as well as the size of the client's budget.


  Our Pre Production planning can include everything from Outlines, Treatments, Storyboards and Animatics, to keep the focus throughout the production process and to keep a transparent sense of communication with the client on what the final goals for the project are.


  We specialize I the production of a variety of content for the Web, Social Media, streaming and broadcast. We shoot high quality footage in 6k and deliver projects

in both HD and 4k resolution.


  We offer both principal and behind the scenes photography for both Web, Social Media and Print. All retouching is executed using Adobe Phototshop and the Adobe Creative Suite.


  Our Experienced Post Production team execute our client's vision using the newest industry software including but not limited to Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe after effects and the Adobe Creative Suite.

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