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The Founders

  821 Palm Studio was founded in August 2020, By Ed “Radio” H, Lonnie Payne, and Shawn Powers. The three Founders have been Producing content together for over five years, however there is more than 20 years of production experience between the three of them. Their work has been shown on MTV, Bet Soul, Youtube, and throughout social Media.

Ed "Radio" H

 Ed “Radio” H is a jack of all trades. He began his multimedia education as a freshman in high school. He learned the principles of photography, filmmaking, animation and design. He took his training further, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video from Massachusetts college of art and design. 

  His work experience ranges from editing live action and animated shows, compositing VFX for commercials, music videos and films, touring as a cameraman for major label concerts, and producing Kpop videos. 

  His mission is to produce and direct films and series for streaming and win an Emmy for it.

Lonnie Payne

  Lonnie Payne has been a photographer since shooting for his 8th grade yearbook committee. His focus on photography continued into his 20s as a party/nightlife photographer. 


  He is currently obsessed with fashion and campaign photography as well as nature and landscapes. Each shot he takes expresses the liveliness he feels inside when documenting people and events. 


  His ultimate goal is to win the Pulitzer Prize for photography.

Shawn Powers

  Shawn Powers got his start as an actor. He performed in local plays and commercials before migrating to Los Angeles. His first job in the business was as a production Assistant. His time on set helped him discover his love for producing and being on set. Since then he’s produced short films, commercials and music videos. 

  His dream is to win an academy award for acting and producing.

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